The Do Good Initiative

the non-profit side of what we do


We build flourishing communities with holistic solutions, seeking to meet social, economic, and spiritual needs in the most sustainable way possible. Each Do Good project is chosen based on needs which are communicated by local leadership.

Current Project

Do Good Health

Our vibrant coffee growing communities in Kivu and Ruli are located in secluded areas, tucked away from the reach of Rwanda’s various health care programs. Implementing a Community Health Clinic in the heart of these villages is an opportunity to directly affect the lives of those who make Thousand Hills possible.

Current Project

The Nziza Collective

The Nziza Collective is 200 women who are the single providers for their families. This year their coffee was of an unparalleled calibre, and was set aside from the rest of the Kivu Lake harvest to be featured as a microlot. However, poverty still perpetuates cycles of abuse and need, and the women of the Nziza Collective have become our priority as we together seek ways to build the health of their communities.

Current project

The Evergreen Water Project

Many communities lack access to clean water. The journey to the nearest source can take hours a day, and the water itself is often contaminated. Our goal is to serve the communities we work with by ensuring they have access to this basic human right.

Past Projects

The Sheep Project

sheep can be like coffee

Water for Bwenda

a community need, a community solution


what family means to us

Support a child

when coffee isn't enough, we bridge the gap.

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