Help us provide dairy cows to coffee farming families.

$500 = 1 dairy cow for 1 family

As we move deeper into winter, a natural time to reflect, we like to think about the goodness the year has brought. There are a lot of good things we’re grateful for, and we can also do a lot of good together!

The mission: Raise $10,000 to provide 20 cows to 20 families.

This season, our Grateful Together campaign is raising donations to purchase dairy cows for coffee farming families we partner with in Rwanda’s Kivu Lake and Ruli Mountain farming regions.

In Rwanda, cows are an economic asset and a symbol of prosperity and togetherness.

A single cow can significantly support a family by providing milk to consume and surplus milk to sell for extra income. The cow’s manure can function as a rich soil fertilizer for both the families’ personal gardens and coffee crops. Families in the same communities can also begin to breed their cows, nurturing a herd to further support the larger community.

By providing dairy cows to these families, we’ll help supply immediate food and financial security, as well as set the foundation for long-term benefits.

Every dollar helps. Together, as a community, we can help make a difference in the day-to-day lives of coffee farmers in Rwanda.

We are so grateful for you!

Our non-profit, the Do Good Initiative, handles all donations. We’re working closely with our local Rwandan team on the ground to make sure all goods are effectively distributed where they’re needed most.