A farm for Families

Grateful Together continues.

Cows for coffee farming families

As we move deeper into winter, a natural time to reflect, we like to think about the goodness the year has brought. There are a lot of things we can be grateful for, and as we spend time together during this period, we can also do good together!

This season, our Grateful Together campaign is focusing on building a sustainable farm for the coffee farming families at our washing stations in Kivu Lake and Ruli Mountain.

The Mission: Raise $10,000 to gift 20 families with 1 cow each.

In Rwanda, cows are not only an economic asset but a symbol of prosperity and togetherness. Through A Farm for Families, we seek to cultivate full, flourishing farms for families in Rwanda - this year’s initiative is just the beginning.

Every donation you make helps us get a little closer to gifting a cow to each family. $500 equals one cow for a family! As a community, we can help make a difference to the day-to-day lives of our coffee farmers in Rwanda.

Our non-profit, the Do Good Initiative, handles all donations. We’re working closely with our local Rwandan team on the ground to make sure all goods are effectively distributed where they’re needed most.