Providing pandemic relief

$2 = Feeds 1 Farmer for 1 day
$62 = Feeds 1 farmer for 1 month


The global pandemic is continuing to cause wide-ranging and long-lasting negative effects for the farmers we partner with in Rwanda and their families.

One way that the Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee community can help make an immediate impact is by donating money to go directly toward providing food and necessary supplies. Food insecurity is rising as farmers lose income since they can’t access their places of work due to travel restrictions, curfews and closed stores. Unfortunately, we’re realizing that this will be an ongoing issue because farmers don’t have the financial means to keep production running for the next harvest, which will continue to mean little future income.

Fortunately, your donation can directly help them and their families...and every little bit makes a big difference!

We are grateful for the unexpected support represented by the donation, we were not expecting it.

We feel more valued and encouraged for the next season, we will make sure we perform better as we did couple years ago.

We highly recognize the thoughtful support to our family welfare.


-Ruli Mountain farmers

Our non-profit, the Do Good Initiative, handles all donations. We’re working closely with our local Rwandan team on the ground to make sure all goods are effectively distributed where they’re needed most.