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Healthcare in the hills of Rwanda

Land of a Thousand Hills' vibrant coffee-growing communities in Kivu and Ruli are located in secluded areas, tucked away from the reach of Rwanda’s various healthcare programs. Depending on location, the people in these communities will walk between 6 hours and 2 days to get to a hospital. The distance often makes them not go at all. Implementing Health Clinics in the heart of these villages is an opportunity to directly affect the lives of those who make Thousand Hills possible.

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This project has been approved by the Rwandan Ministry of Health.

Our current focus is to build health clinics that serve our ruli mountain and kivu lake washing stations. over 10,000 farmers will gain easy access to healthcare. The communities living in those areas will benefit from this public facility as well.

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This project is fully funded by donations.

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Health Clinic Services

  • Health Promotion
  • Health Education
  • Preventative Medicine
  • Diagnostic Medicine
  • Disease and Injury Management
  • Labor and Delivery

Phase One (Done!)

Phase one was all about research. Our community health assessments, coupled with that of district hospitals, the national research hospital, and the ministry of health showed us the exact needs of each community, and painted a picture regarding the current nature of healthcare in Ruli and Kivu. We then met with local leadership, district hospitals, and government officials to design a collaborative and sustainable approach that best meets the local needs.

Phase Two

Phase two makes the vision reality. This means building and outfitting a facility as a Health Clinic. We secured a partnership with the Rwandan Ministry of Health and the district hospitals for each location our clinic will be built, ensuring that our clinics remain staffed, stocked, and continually educated.

Phase Three

Sustainable action. Events geared toward awareness will be key as healthcare workers strive to build positive and everlasting relationships with the people they serve.

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Our stories in a different way.

We collected data via Community Health Questionnaires and Physical Health Examinations from the community members and coffee farmers in and around the LTH Ruli and Kivu washing stations. Over 3,000 people showed up, and we were able to test about 100.

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data driven

Our stories in a different way

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Improving healthcare sustainability

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This is a team effort, and we want you.

You, your company, your cycling group, your church. You can make an impact.Every dollar raised, supply donated, or story told moves us one step closer.

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