the sheep project

Bukonya, Rwanda

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Recognizing a need for work,

the people of Kiryamo, a community near Ruli, reached out to Atlanta-based Saint Peter’s Place Anglican Church for a possible long-term solution. After some brainstorming between the two, the congregation raised funds to provide the foundation for a fully-functioning sheep farm, which delivers enough profit from wool sales to fully support four families and employ many members of the community.

This venture also works in close partnership with True Vineyard Ministries – a sister organization that invests in the lives of forty-four widows by employing women to process locally-bought wool into beautifully dyed and spun merino yarn. Wool from the farm is sold to True Vineyard Ministries, processed by the industrious women there, and sold to Kate Spade to be used in their high-end clothing lines.

Not only does The Sheep Project yield income for the people of Kiryamo, but it connects multiple communities as they work together to build their future.