story of Saidi & Assia

Providing widow support

Assia is a 41 years old, a mother of 4 children and 2 young grand children, living in the Southern Province of Nyanza, Rwanda. Assia and her husband, Saidi, married in 1997. Sadly, Saidi passed away in 2018 due to diabetic complication. He was a driver for LTH for many years and a good friend. He left the family with a small two bedroom house but without land to help to with daily expenses.

As the head of the family, Assia, now sells tomatoes and other vegetables in the Nyanza market. This business generates on average 2,000 RWF per day which makes it difficult to provide for her kids in terms of food, clothing, and school fees.

With three children still in high school, school fees have become a big burden for her since her husband's passing. She was in heavy debt when we visited her because she refused to let her kids drop out of school.

Madame Saidi is very happy and grateful to the Do Good Initiative after receiving a check for her children's tuition fees and food for her family.


Ramlath is the eldest of the family born in 1998, was married in 2019 after finishing high school.

She has a 14 month boy and is currently living with her mother Assia, because her husband was being abusive and denying her the right to work.

Ramlath wishes to start a small business at the market so that she can help provide for her son and siblings. She also wishes to continue her studies for a career in accounting.

Memories of her father:

When asked this question, she became so emotional, she told us that she wishes he was still alive to help her regain the respect of her husband.

Ismael, Saidi & Assai Son

Ismael is the second born and only son of the family. He is in S4 of secondary school and he loves to play football as a hobby.

He wishes to "become a driver like my father but I would like to finish school and apply for the military training to be able to protect my mother and sisters. My last wish in life, is to have a wife and family so that I make my mother proud by showing her that the good man he raised is different from our brother in law.

Memories of his father:

Bringing this question was not easy for him, he started crying and told me that they lacked nothing because his father was a hard working man. He then continued to say that he wishes to help his mother more rather than being an additional burden for her.

How do we help him:

We assist school fees and basic needs for the family such as food.

Shemsa is the second daughter of the family currently in S5 of secondary school majoring in accounting. She likes to study and seeing her family in peace.

She wishes to finish at least her secondary studies so she can apply to be an accountant and help her mother out. Her future long term goal is to continue her university studies.

Memories of her father:

She loved her father so much and was one of her best friends. She would always wash his feet every time he came back from a long journey. She misses their conversation and loving father figure.

How do we help her:

We help her with school fees and provide her family with food.

SHAMIMU is the last born child in S1 of secondary school. She likes to play her friends at school and to eat rice.

She hopes to becoming a doctor and later continue in Gynecology. She also dreams of opening a big shop for her mother.

How do we help her:

We help her with school fees and food for the family.

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