evergreen water project

Providing access to clean water, one village at a time

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Our goal is to ensure access to clean water.

Rwanda is called "the land of a thousand hills" for a reason. Tucked high on steep hillsides, many communities rely on a single pipe in the valley below for water, and at such high elevation, wells are out of the question. The journey to get water can take hours a day, and the grueling climb back up the mountainside takes precious energy.

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The “evergreen” water project is an ongoing campaign to ensure that all of the communities we partner with have access to clean water. We work with Water for Life and local leadership to bring an easy-to-maintain water catchment system right where it’s needed most.

Our current focus is the Kivu Lake Washing Station.

As we continue to learn about the needs of the communities surrounding our newest washing station, clean water quickly became the most prominent. After examining the population spread, our Rwandan team determined that three different water catchment systems were needed – huge concrete tanks that capture, filter and store rainwater year-round. The project in its entirety will cost $20,000, and will provide clean water to 2,500 farmers and their families, an incalculable value.

Clean water for families means that children will now be able to redirect their time and energy to being in a classroom, instead of spending hours carrying pound of water up and down hillsides. It means a decrease in the risk and frequency of disease as cleaning clothes and cookware is no longer a burden. It means that cooking food is no longer as costly as several hours spent to get water.

Water matters, and we are so grateful to you for your partnership in providing this basic human right.