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Bring Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee to your area

Coffee has never tasted so good...or done as much good.

Join the Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee (LTH) community by opening a cafe that makes a difference. You’ll become part of a global community that invests in coffee farming villages in Rwanda to provide living wages, education, healthcare and clean water, all while crafting specialty coffee, from bean to cup.

You also will have an entire team behind you to help get started.


Cafe Type Cost
Mixed use retail
Starting at $115K
Standalone cafe
starting at $350K

Inquire at the bottom of this page to learn more.


  1. Award-Winning Coffee: Our single-origin, specialty coffees have received accolades and recognition worldwide for their exceptional flavor.
  2. Ethical Sourcing: We work directly with coffee farmers, ensuring fair wages and sustainable practices.
  3. Positive Impact:By choosing Land of a Thousand Hills, you support initiatives that change lives in coffee-growing communities.
  4. Proven Success: With 16 years of experience, we've built a brand that's loved and trusted.


  • Use of Land of a Thousand Hills branding and marketing.
  • Help defining the purpose of your cafe in your specific community.
  • Espresso bar layout design.
  • Equipment consultation and education from our skilled café experts.
  • Hands on trainings, cuppings, and coffee education for staff.
  • Special pricing tier for coffee and merchandise.


  • Drink Coffee. Do Good.Ⓡ is our registered trademark that can only be used by our licensed shops.
  • Branding and Logos.
  • Equipment Consultation.
  • Coffee Excellence Training.
  • On Site Training.
  • Ongoing Training.
  • Pricing.
  • Menu Design Consultation.
  • Workflow Consultation.
  • Bar Design Consultation.
  • Construction Consultation.



Interested in opening a Land of a Thousand Hills franchise?

Please fill in the information below so we can get started and better serve you.

Thanks for getting in touch! Our LTH Relationship Manager will contact you shortly. We can’t wait to serve you.
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1. Review the franchise brochure

Your relationship manager will email our brochure to you. It will give you an idea of our current shops and franchises as well as basic information.

2. Have an initial conversation with a Relationship Manager

An initial conversation with a relationship manager allows us to get to know who you are, better understand your vision for your cafe and answer any questions you may have. This same relationship manager will work with you through your entire franchising journey.

3. Complete "About Me" questionnaire and financial statement

The “About Me” questionnaire is a set of questions aimed to help us get to know you and your goals, while stimulating thought about your vision for your cafe.

4. Speak/meet with founder

This step means we have solidified your goals for franchising. You, our founder Jonathan D. Golden, and your relationship manager will meet in person or over Zoom.

5. Receive Franchise Disclosure Document

The Franchise Disclosure Document, or FDD, is a comprehensive, confidential document that details everything there is to know about franchising with LTH, from provided training and equipment to rules and regulations. We ask that you review this for a minimum of 14 days before signing and submitting it to LTH.

6. Complete background check

LTH will submit a background check on the proposed franchisee(s).

7. Review, sign and celebrate!

This is it — you have the final document in hand!

This is the final step before we get to work on bringing your vision for your cafe to life. When you’re ready to be a franchise partner of Land of Thousand Hills Coffee, sign and submit. The full franchise fee is due at the time of signing.


You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

Does Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee offer location assistance?

Based on your location, we may be able to offer suggestions or our realty contacts, but we do not offer comprehensive location services.

Are there location restrictions? What is the protected radius of a franchise?

Your franchise agreement will specify a protected territory, which will usually be a two- to four-mile radius around the location of your business. We determine the radius of your protected territory so that it encompasses a population of at least 100,000 people. LTH reviews proposed locations. The factors considered in approving sites are: general location and neighborhood, competition, trade area demographics, traffic patterns, parking, size, physical characteristics of existing buildings, and lease terms.

How much is the franchise royalty?

The franchise royalty is 5% of the franchise’s gross sales annually.

How much do I need for my initial investment?

LTH recommends having $200-$500k to start a cafe, including the franchise fee and equipment package. A more detailed breakdown of anticipated costs is provided in the Franchise Disclosure Document.

Does LTH offer financing for franchises?

We do not offer financing for franchise fees. The equipment package can be paid for separately if you are signing the Franchise Agreement more than one year before opening, but the $40k franchise fee is due at signing.

How long does it take to open a franchise?

Typically a franchise takes 9-18 months to open from inquiry to launch.

What are the steps leading up to becoming a franchise owner with LTH?

The initial steps to becoming a coffee entrepreneur are:

  1. Receive the franchise brochure and review it
  2. Have an initial conversation with an LTH Relationship Manager
  3. Complete an application and the “About Me” questionnaire
  4. Have a call or meeting with the LTH Founder, Jonathan D. Golden
  5. Receive the Franchise Disclosure Document and review for a minimum of 14 days
  6. Complete a background check
  7. Receive a Franchise Agreement
  8. Sign the Franchise agreement. The full Franchise Fee is due at this time.

We also invite you to visit our coffee roastery and four local cafes in the greater Atlanta area as well as join our team on a trip to Rwanda to meet the farmers.

Does LTH assist in the business loan process and/or provide recommendations of banks other franchisees have had success with?

LTH legally can not assist a franchisee with finding a loan or refer them to a bank.

Are there required hours of operation for franchisees?

Franchise partners have complete liberty with their hours of operation. LTH can advise hours if requested.

What training does LTH provide franchise partners with?

We provide training for franchise partners and their general manager in coffee history and preparation, shop management, equipment cleaning, bar design, operations and management at our headquarters. We also provide training, set up and grand opening support at your location. All franchise partners receive the LTH training manual and operations manual. A detailed breakdown of training hours and locations is included in the Franchise Disclosure Document.

How much flexibility does a franchisee have with product offering and décor?

All proprietary coffee products and merchandise must be purchased from LTH Coffee. Core coffees and drinks must be prepared per the instruction of LTH trainers. The addition of drink and product offerings must be reviewed by LTH. Specific information regarding product offerings and decor are detailed in the Franchise Disclosure document.

How many square feet are typically required for a coffee shop?

LTH recommends 1,500-2,000 square feet of cafe space. It is worth noting that some store concepts require less or more footage. LTH can advise a franchise partner regarding footage upon request.

Beyond the Equipment Package, is there any other recommended equipment? Things that are trending?

LTH recommends the addition of a nitro cold brew system. We have added them to all of our corporately owned locations. Nitro cold brew is currently a popular offering in specialty shops around the world.

Is there a franchise down payment?

The full $40k franchise fee is due in full upon signing the Franchise Agreement. The $35k-$45k equipment fee is also due upon signing unless the location will not be opening for more than a year after signing.

How connected are franchise owners to each other?

Current franchise owners all have each other’s contact information. New franchise owners will be provided the contacts of existing franchisees upon signing.

Does LTH schedule regular inspections or meetings with their franchisees?

LTH does not currently inspect franchises or hold regular meetings. However, our door is always open for meetings or calls and all franchise partners will have the founder’s direct contact information.

Do franchises engage in philanthropic efforts with the Do Good Initiative?

Franchise partners are encouraged to participate in projects through DGI but not required. Some current franchise partners do involve their communities in LTH’s philanthropic projects.


Learn how it all began...and where we’re going.


By becoming a partner, you’re helping us do good with every bag of beans you buy.