Help us provide insurance to coffee farming families.

$2 = 1 year of insurance for 1 farmer

This year, our Grateful Together Campaign takes on a special significance as we focus on a vital initiative: providing health insurance for the farmers who form the heart of our coffee community. Our goal is ambitious—to extend this crucial support to 5,000 farmers and their families that we collaborate with in Rwanda where the picturesque landscapes of Kivu Lake and Ruli Mountain serve as the backdrop to their dedication and purposeful work.

You can directly contribute to this endeavor by making a donation in the amount of your choice. A small donation of just $2.00 will provide insurance for one farmer for an entire year. Your participation will make a tangible difference in the lives of these farmers, ensuring their well-being and sectuiry.

Thank you for being part of this journey. Here's to a holiday season filled with appreciation, warmth, and the joy of making a difference. Your support fuels our mission: to Craft Beautiful Coffee, Create Purposeful Work, and Cultivate Flourishing Community.

With heartfelt thanks,

Jonathan Golden & The Land of a Thousand Hills Community

We are so grateful for you!

Our non-profit, the Do Good Initiative, handles all donations. We’re working closely with our local Rwandan team on the ground to make sure all goods are effectively distributed where they’re needed most.