Introducing Steeped Coffee Packs!

Introducing Steeped Coffee Packs!

What’s better than sipping a cup of freshly brewed Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee? Being able to enjoy your coffee whenever, wherever, by just adding water. 

LTH Steeped Coffee Packs are now available to purchase both online and in our cafes as a quick, convenient, and oh-so-easy way to get one of our most popular roasts—the Nziza Collective single origin beans—on the go. 

If you’re always grabbing coffee while heading out the door or appreciate specialty coffee wherever you are—whether that’s at work, while traveling, or even camping—then this may just be your new favorite way to brew LTH Coffee. 

Like French press…without the mess!

Each single-serving Steeped Bag is nitro-sealed for freshness and has a full immersion filter filled with freshly-ground beans. Unlike coffee pods, Steeped Coffee’s packaging and bags are all completely commercially compostable, so you can have convenient coffee without contributing to unnecessary waste. 

Right now, we’re offering 4-packs of Steeped Bags featuring our Nziza roast—a full-bodied, light-medium roast that bursts with honey, nutmeg, and floral notes and boasts a silky smooth mouthfeel. These special beans are grown and harvested as a microlot (meaning when coffee is harvested from a specific section of a single farm) by the Nziza Collective of 200 women who are single providers for their families. All of our coffee does good by directly supporting the independent farmers who grew it, but by purchasing Nziza Collective beans, you help secure a single mother’s opportunity, stability, and power.

How to brew

Much like making tea, all you need to brew a Steeped Bag is a mug and hot water. It really couldn’t be easier.

1. Pour: Place the Steeped Bag in your cup and gradually pour 8 oz. hot water over the bag.

2. Dunk: Dunk the Steeped Bag for 15-30 seconds (or longer for added strength).

3. Steep: Leave the Steeped Bag in your cup for at least 5 minutes or until the coffee has steeped enough to reach your preferred flavor. 

Sip and enjoy!

Once you’re done with your Steeped Bag, you can toss the whole thing (packaging, too!) in your compost bin to be commercially composted. 

Tasting good while doing good

Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee in Steeped Bags doesn’t only offer convenient specialty coffee that tastes good—they do good, too (just how we at LTH like it!). Steeped Coffee is a Certified B Corp, which means they meet high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on a variety of socially responsible factors, from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials.

So, what are you waiting for? Ready to try our new LTH Steeped Coffee Packs?