Seeds of Change: How Your Coffee Supports Rwandan Farmers

Seeds of Change: How Your Coffee Supports Rwandan Farmers

At Land of a Thousand Hills, each cup of coffee you enjoy is more than just a morning ritual; it's a significant step towards making a meaningful change. This year, your support has led to a noteworthy contribution to aid Rwandan coffee farmers.

Thanks to your continued choice of our coffee, we have been able to provide 30,000 coffee seedlings to farmers at the Kivu Lake and Ruli Mountain washing stations this year. This initiative goes beyond just enhancing coffee production; it is about empowering farmers, improving their livelihoods, and nurturing sustainable practices in their communities.

These seedlings, gifted to the farmers, are crucial in helping them expand their plantations or rejuvenate their existing crops. Each sapling is carefully nurtured in our nursery for over six months, ensuring they are robust and thriving, ready to fulfill their potential in the farmers' fields. 

Annually, after the harvest, our team, alongside local sector authorities, assesses plantations to identify farmers who will benefit the most from our support. This process guarantees that our efforts are impactful, reaching those who need it most.

Your involvement with Land of a Thousand Hills transcends a simple purchase. It's a commitment to the future of coffee farming in Rwanda. Every cup you enjoy contributes to a story of positive change and growth.

Thank you for being a vital part of this journey. Together, we are not just offering exceptional coffee; we are cultivating a brighter future for coffee communities.

Drink Coffee. Do Good.