Peace Baskets: Hand-Woven with Love by Mothers

Peace Baskets: Hand-Woven with Love by Mothers

The art of weaving has been an integral part of Rwandan culture for centuries. In the heart of this tradition lies the Nziza Collective, a group of more than 200 talented women from various cooperatives throughout Rwanda. These incredible women who grow our popular “Nziza” coffee also create hand-woven baskets that reflect the beauty, complexity, and vibrancy of their homeland.

Each basket is a work of art, reflecting the individual style and creativity of the weaver who made it. Handwoven from smooth sisal fibers wrapped around native grasses and reeds, these baskets are colorful, intricate, and full of life. They are often used to present gifts and represent a unified community, making them a symbol of love, generosity, and the enduring spirit of the Rwandan people.

But the Peace Baskets are more than just works of art. They also hold deep cultural significance. They have been woven into the fabric of everyday life in Rwanda as vessels for food and grains, household catchalls, and gifts for important ceremonies such as weddings and christenings.They are a testament to the incredible skill and dedication of the women who make them, many of whom are mothers. Through their craft, these women are able to earn a fair wage and support their families while preserving their cultural heritage.


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