April 02, 2019



Gloriose!  Gloriose! Gloriose!  No, it is not the name of a cantata, nor is it something I cheer at an Atlanta United soccer match.  Gloriose is the name of our Ruli Mountain Coffee Washing Station Manager.



Over a decade ago Gloriose applied for a job as our production manager, a role that women in Rwanda, historically do not fulfill.  Manu Gatare, our Rwanda Country Director, was not sure about a woman in the role and said, “Jonathan, there is a woman here who has applied for the job, but it is a tough job because it means staying up all night, dealing with men, receiving the coffee cherries from the farmers, and handing it over to the wash station for depulping and processing.”  I told him it would one of the best decisions he ever made. It was.



Gloriose grew in her role as production manager and became known as someone who was serious about her work.  She demonstrated great organizational skills, invested in her coworkers and developed trusting relationships with the farmers.  Gloriose was soon married, had a child and applied for the role of Manager of the Coffee Washing Station. After an extensive interview process, she was awarded the position.  She was the first female manager of a wash station in Rwanda. She continues to approach her role with precision and pride.



What's really exciting though is the way that Gloriose is inspiring her community. When I was in Rwanda last year I spoke to a young girl and asked her what I typically ask the children,  “What do you want to do when you grow up?” She said, “When I grow up I want to manage a Coffee Washing Station like Gloriose!”

Gloriose, thank you for being a great leader and having the courage to apply for a job that women do not typically fulfill. Thank you for being such a faithful team member as we Craft Beautiful Coffee, Create Purposeful Work and Cultivate Flourishing Community. Thank you for being a great example to the next generation of women in Ruli Mountain Rwanda.

- Jonathan D. Golden, Founder.