Nziza Collective Microlot

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Our top pick for cold brew!

Kivu Lake, Rwanda
5900 ft. 
Cupping notes
Honey, Nutmeg, Floral

100% Arabica with predominately bourbon varietals. 

About this coffee

Since 2016, we’ve worked closely with the Nziza Collective of 200 women who are single providers for their families and have adopted the motto, "Strong through coffee!". The collective’s beans continually meet an exceptionally high caliber and are set aside from the rest of the Kivu Lake harvest as a microlot – the coffee is harvested from a specific section of a single farm and then specially processed to offer unparalleled coffee.

This full bodied, light-medium roast creates a silky smooth cold brew with a tea-like mouthfeel. (Of course, it’s delicious hot too!)

Along with supporting the Nziza Collective by continually investing in its craft coffee, we also work closely with the women to develop additional training and entrepreneurial opportunities to create sustainable, year-round income.

By purchasing Nziza Collective beans, you contribute to a single mother’s opportunity, stability, and power.

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Best coffee around

I keep coming back for more! I’ve tried multiple flavors and am still being impressed.

Neil Lawson
Great Taste

Great taste! A new favorite .

Land of thousand hills Ruli Mountain Peaberry

Tried the Ruli Mountain Peaberry (medium roast) for the first time. It was excellent as a pour over.

Kris Lay

Excellent coffee! My new morning favorite.

EK Owen
Worth It

Rich and just dark enough to start my morning! To Nziza's honey, nutmeg and floral flavors I add our bees' local honey for an amazing treat! I encourage everyone to invest in our Rwandan neighbors' coffee and woven products!

Chalkie White
A Cup of Distinction

These Microlot selections afford a very focused coffee drinking experience. I love to imagine the entire growing, picking, preparation, sorting, selection, and roasting that produces my beverage. I think I taste confidence, hard work, pride, and expertise.

KT Gilbert
Look forward to every cup (or liter!)

I live in NYC but still get my coffee from Land of a Thousand Hills because I know I can trust their fair trade policies and get great. fresh coffee delivered to my apartment. Nziza coffee is another great flavor coffee from LTH coffee. And you get the chance to support women with every sip! I took a chance on it in my last order and after tasting it was so happy I did. It has a great flavor and is good iced or hot. It is one of my favorite coffees and will be in every order I have going forward.

Tiffany Brown
Consistently good coffee and it smells amazing

I ordered Ethiopian Yirgacheffe at Christmas and was sad when I could not get anymore for my next order. I called a LOTH coffee shop and asked a barista to recommend a substitute for Yirgacheffe and she highly recommended Nziza. I love it! It’s consistent and smooth! The purpose behind this coffee is wonderful. After I ordered I absent mindedly forgot to click ground coffee and emailed to correct that. The order was processing and they fixed my mistake and my coffee arrived sooner than I expected. Thank you for another supreme coffee with a greater meaning- Drink Coffee, Do Good! ❤️☕️