The Perfect Pour Over

The Perfect Pour Over

The process of a pour over is beautifully simple. This age old technique dates back to the early 1900's. With minimal equipment required, this is the perfect way to brew in your home or on the go. Ditch the electric pot and experience a natural connection to your coffee. Here's our favorite method of crafting a pour over.


You'll Need

1. 24 Grams of ground coffee (4 big tablespoons)
2. 375 grams of water @ 200 Deg. (a smidge more than 1.5 cups)
3. A Hario V60 pour over set, or similar.
4. Matching filters
5. A scale



Step 1

Insert filter in v60 and rinse with warm water.
Pour out rinse water.



Step 2

Pour 24 grams of coffee, ground at
medium-fine, into the filter.



Step 3

Clear your scale. Slowly pour hot water (200 deg) starting from the outer edge of the coffee, moving in a spiral towards the center of the grounds. Pour 50 grams of hot water to fully saturate grounds.



Step 4

Wait 45 seconds or until no bubbles are forming, allowing gas to escape from the grounds.  



Step 5

Continue pouring 4 additional bursts, pausing for 30-45 seconds to allow coffee to steep. Continue slowly pouring water in a spiral motion, starting from the outer edge and ending in the middle. Finish once scale reaches 375 grams. 



Step 6

Allow water to finish draining. Pour your coffee into a pre heated mug. Best enjoyed with a friend and good conversation.