Sauntering.... to The MET

Sauntering.... to The MET

Sauntering to The MET ATL

Saunter!  It means to walk, stroll or wander.  Some say it also means to take risks or adventure, originating from the middle French word s'aventurer.

In business and in life sometimes you wander to follow an inkling and sometimes you leap to take a great risk. . . and then sometimes you do both. The saints of old would go on rambling walks seeking what they were not sure of but knowing somehow that God and life were inviting them to something bold and worthy of this thing called life.  For almost 15 years we've been on a saunter at LTH Coffee.  We’ve wandered often to follow an inking and we've risked boldly to pursue a vision.  

Today we are doing it again.  We are moving our roaster, offices, and bakery to the MET ATL.  We are launching a coffee bar, cupping lab and social enterprise incubator called Do Good Labs.  


Why The MET?  It is a saunter of sorts.

(Craft) History 


The MET has an authentic history that we like and no amount of catchy veneer can substitute for this history.  It was built by Asa Candler, the founder of Coca Cola, during the great depression to help farmers by giving them loans and a place to store their crops. It is a beautiful collection of buildings with a history of good.

 (Create) Action

 The MET is in the West End of Atlanta and is full of action. Once one of the most dangerous parts of the city, today you can see and experience redemption taking root.  Businesses are being planted, neighbors are working side by side and people are creating good.  


(Cultivate) Community  

The MET today is being redeveloped by Carter Properties for goodagain. It is already home to over 150 artists and craftsman as well as another 350 people who live and work in this village.  There is a real intent to create place for the creatives. There are furniture makers, metal crafters, marketers, artists and now a crazy crew of coffee crafters. I feel at home there where real people are doing real work for good.  

If you find yourself out for a saunter near the West End Marta station, just off of Metropolitan Parkway, stop in, say hello and enjoy a coffee. We are working hard to create our new home where we will continue to Craft beautiful coffee, Create purposeful work and Cultivate flourishing community.


   - Jonathan D. Golden, Founder.