Stories We Love- "Jean"

April 05, 2019

Stories We Love- "Jean"

Getting to Know Jean Damascene HITIMANA

One concept we love about coffee is the community it creates. A good cup of coffee always has a great person behind it. Meet Jean, a coffee farmer and machine operator who helps cultivate the Kivu Lake and Nziza coffee you drink.
What do you do?

This is my third year working for Land of a Thusand Hills. I operate the de-pulping machine at the Kivu Lake Coffee Washing Station.
What is "de-pulping"?
De-pulping is one stage of many in the coffee process. After the cherries have been sorted and weighed they go through the repulsing machine. De-pulping takes the skin off the cherries. After de-pulping the cherries are cleaned and left to sit in a fermentation tank for 8 hours.
What do you like about working at the washing station?
My life has changed a lot. Before I started working for LTH Coffee I was very poor. It was hard for me to even provide dinner for myself. After working here I started buying coffee trees. I now sell coffee and I am able to provide food every day for my children and wife. I feel like I am a man now.
Tell us about your family.
My wife and I have 6 children. The oldest is 23, the youngest is 12. Providing for my family is very important to me.
What brings you happiness?
When I am with my family and everyone is happy, I am happy.
To Jean, thank you for your hard work and positive attitude. Your smile is contagious and brightens all those around you. To you, we raise our mug!

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