Meet Div

Meet Div

DiVance Walker

Meet DiVance (DiV), the Production Roaster at Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee. DiV and Kia are expecting their first baby next month. We are so excited for them and want to wish Div "Happy Father's Day" for the first time!

How long have you worked for LTH and what do you do?

"A couple of years ago I started working in Atlantic Station as a barista. Today, I’m the production Roaster at LTH as an apprentice under the master Roaster - Jeremy."

What do you like about working at LTH and what do you hope to accomplish through your work?

"Complacency terrifies me, so the fact that LTH is constantly looking for new ways to expand & craft great coffee is what I like most about working here. I want to work in coffee forever and in doing that I plan to expose more people of color to specialty coffee as an affordable luxury."

What do you do in your free time?

"I’m a hip-hop artist & creative director. Currently working on my 4th solo project set to be available in the fall. When I’m not at the studio or ruining my posture in front of my computer screen lol, I’m in Oxford with Kia & my parents."

How has being a Father already changed your life?

"I’m pretty positive I’m stressed 95% of the day about things that don’t exist or probably ever won’t lol. I also find myself looking back over all of my life experiences and seeing what parts I can use to help raise the best tiny human I can. It’s filled me with a beautiful sense of purpose."

What are you most looking forward to about being a Father?

"An increase in patience and I’m praying in the next 30 days that I can get rid of all my selfish ways. But seriously, just looking forward to being apart of something bigger than myself."

Is there something your Father taught you that you hope to pass down to Journey?

"My Pops showed me that all things come down to integrity and consistency. Have it, and be it. I want her to live by that."

Happy Father's Day, DiV! We know you will be an outstanding Dad to Journey. We send our love to you and Kia and we can't wait to welcome Journey into the world with you.

Celebrate your Dad this Sunday.
Happy Father's Day, Everyone!