Single Origin Kivu Lake

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Smooth and sweet with a fruity brightness. 

Lake Kivu, Rwanda
5900 ft. 
Cupping notes

Cherry, Vanilla, Floral

The beans are grown by independent small-scale farmers, many of whom are women.

About this coffee

Grown next to Lake Kivu on the border between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, this award-winning coffee benefits from high elevation, temperate weather, and lush humidity – a combination that produces a sweetly complex cup.

Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
My favorite coffee beans

I used to live close to a Thousand Hills Coffee shoppe and would purchase my beans from there. We moved to another state and I tired a few others but had to come back to Thousand Hills. They are the best, most consistent beans (that are also reasonably priced!) that I have come across. Their shipping is also very fast and in most cases free. It's really a no brainer for me to keep purchasing their beans. I am eager to try their steeped coffee packs for when traveling.

Carter Reynolds
Great coffee

We live in Montana and our friends who moved here from Georgia told us about this business, the owner, and his mission. Glad to be part of that by purchasing from Land of a Thousand Hills, and at a better price than competitors selling quality single origin.

Dustin Ranem
Delicious Coffee, It's All We Buy Now

We love this coffee, we don't buy anything else anymore!

Anthony Larkin
Yet, again: The best coffee in the States.

Just like I said in my other review, the coffees available from Land of a Thousand Hills is, by far, the best I’ve ever had in the United States. And I say this as someone who spent 4 months in Rwanda drinking their spectacular coffee— coffee that put anything else I’d ever had back home (USA) to shame— daily. I hiked down the East banks of Lake Kivu, and saw all of the coffee farms, in person. I’m so happy a friend introduced to this company. Everything I’ve ordered is stellar. Highly, highly recommended.

Sam Burchard
Very tasty

It had very nice flavor, and good acidity that wasn’t overwhelming. Would definitely buy again when I’m in the mood for a light roast espresso. I pulled my 1:3 shot using the blooming espresso profile on my Decent, and used a paper filter on top to soften the blow of water on the puck. I got a nice, rounded shot of espresso that tasted good on its own. A 17g dose at setting 8.5 on the Niche, water at 95c, output was 51g

Dena Gatewood
Another Great Rwandan Coffee

This Single Origin coffee has been one of my favorites. I love the smooth and sweet taste. Makes for a wonderful pour-over cup.

Robert C.
Great as espresso

Great bean, probably not my favorite of theirs for espresso but still really good.

Jason Griffin
Great coffee

Wonderful taste