video resources

A collection of video resources to share

Kivu Lake Celebration

Take a sneak peak into the region of Kivu Lake, Rwanda, and the life-changing impact that your coffee purchases truly make. Our ability to purchase coffee from this village gives life-changing, sustainable income to the farmers and families of this region.

Bwenda Water Project

Clean water can be hard to come by- especially in a place like Rwanda. Check out how Land Of A Thousand Hills has partnered with the community of Bwenda on a life-changing mission to build cisterns to capture clean water during the rainy season.

Water Projects

Water isn’t as simple as you may think. Take a look at the effort and time that it takes for an individual to access even the slightest bit of water. Luckily, Land Of A Thousand Hills has been given the opportunity to work alongside the villages to create change. See how you can help.

Forgiveness Wins

In this video, you’ll see the power of redemption in action. The victims of the Rwandan Genocide have learned to not only forgive, but work alongside the very men that killed their families. See how the Lord has taken the past mistakes of one group of people, and used them to bring a spirit of forgiveness to the coffee farms in Rwanda.

Meet Manu

Meet Manu, our Agronomist in Rwanda. We could not operate without him. Manu is extremely knowledgeable and involved in the coffee production process. Watch the video and get to know Manu.

Community Trade

This video dives into the Relationship between Land Of A Thousand Hills and our partner farmers in Rwanda. This relationship however isn’t limited to our company/staff. Every cup that is consumed tells a story. Every purchase that is made changes a life. Check out how your purchase today can give these farmers hope for tomorrow.