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He is a young man of vision and work.

Pacific’s father passed away in 1997 and his mother remarried shortly after. Her new husband didn’t want her children to be part of his family, so she had to leave them with Pacific’s grandmother, who is nearly 80 years old.

His grandmother was forced to sell portions of her land in order to pay school fees, and eventually could no longer afford to do even that.

Around 4 years ago Jonathan met Pacific again while in Musanze, and he asked him what he was doing and why he wasn’t in school. Pacific said he didn’t have the fees and shared with him his story. He shared his dream of hosting owning a hotel or lodge and hosting trips to Rwanda and told Jonathan that the best fit would be the Muhabura Vocational School. Jonathan encouraged him to enroll, saying that if he took the steps to pursue his education, Land of a Thousand Hills would cover the costs.

He has contributed to our community by spending his holiday in Ruli teaching our team there English, and learning the coffee business while in high school.

Pacific has since graduated and is now pursuing the goal of coming to the United States to attend college.