Our two company’s goals compliment each other for the greater good.

Land of a Thousand Hills is more than a coffee company, it’s an idea. A mission to do good for the world. Behind that hot cup of coffee is a story. A purpose. To create a community that invests in coffee farming villages to provide living wages, eduction, healthcare, and clean water. All while celebrating the craft of specialty coffee.

Crescent Communities’ mission to build community & better people’s lives is exactly aligned with the mission of LTH Coffee. Not only are we providing our residents with high quality coffee everyday, but we providing communities at large the opportunity to participate in something bigger than themselves. That’s what makes this relationship so meaningful. So come join us for a cup, great conversation and positivity to make your day that much better. Together we can all do good and better people’s lives.

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Atlanta, GA

Dallas, TX

Charlotte, NC

Nashville, TN

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