claudine & sylvia

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Claudine Is The Older Sister of Eric,

and they are both orphans who lost their mother to AIDS. Claudine became the single caregiver to Eric, who in addition to having AIDS passed to him through his mother, also suffers from seizures that put him at risk. Several years ago Eric had a seizure and rolled into the fire, burning the side of his face and losing one eye. Claudine took on the responsibility of taking care of his frequent hospital visits, but she was unable to attend school, and could not provide for both of them. She asked her community to help her build a house, and they responded by pouring out support. Land of a Thousand hills partnered with them to provide the materials.

Shortly after their house was completed, Claudine gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Sylvia. She is now almost 2 years old.

Claudine grows crops and does the part time job to support and feed her brother and daughter. She is a brave woman who sacrifices to support her family, and we are proud support her as she builds long-term stability. Her goal is to become a seamstress, and to create beautiful clothing and a beautiful future.