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Shortly after we launched, Jonathan received word that a young man had been sleeping on the floor at the washing station.

His name was Aimé, and like countless others, had been orphaned by the genocide. Jonathan gave instructions that he be fed and sheltered, and given the opportunity to work.

Aimé had a natural talent for the delicate science of coffee fermentation - a crucial step between harvesting and drying that can either make or destroy the character of the bean. He proved to be careful and trustworthy, and became our Fermentation Specialist at Ruli.

During one of his visits to Rwanda, the Ruli Mountain team shared with Jonathan that Aimé wanted to marry, but he needed to have a house. Traditionally, the young man’s family would help him establish his roots, but the team had decided that they would become Aimé’s family, and invited us to join them.

Funds were raised to build Aimé a home, and for a cow to offer as a dowry. Jonathan officiated the wedding, and communities in both Rwanda and America celebrated the birth of Aimé and Delphine’s baby boy.

When we talk about community, we mean it.