Burlap Coffee Bags

These genuine burlap coffee bags carried our precious cargo from Rwanda to the United States.

We are so pleased to offer them to you as a way to connect with the process of bringing coffee from Rwanda to you. These 44" x 27"  burlap bags can be converted to tablecloths, rugs, craft supplies, or whatever your creative genius decides!



Customer Reviews

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Robert Hampshire
Unique and worth the money

I love my burlap bag! It was surprisingly inexpensive, it is unique, and makes a good decoration and conversation staarter.

Justin Heilman
Nice burlap coffee bag

The coffee bag I ordered was exactly what I was expecting. I am planning on using it as either a decorative piece or making something out of it.

Chris Collier
LOTH … gotta have it

Always enjoy Southern Pecan … added some Pumpkin spice to the order since it’s that time of year.


Burlap Coffee Bags


The bags are nice and seem to be high quality. Would recommend.

Lisa Michael
STILL waiting 2+ weeks on response from Customer Service

Placed a couple
of orders for holiday parties and gifts prior to Christmas. The first one went perfect, however the second not so much. The item I ordered was 3$ below the “free shipping” offer and if I added 3$ to my cart I would not have to pay for shipping. So, finding an item for 3$ was fine. Placed it in the cart went to check out and STILL charged shipping. I repeated the process thinking I had done something incorrect, but again It would not let me check out without paying the shipping in addition to the added item. Ended up spending $11.88 more than I should have based on the pop up sale box. I have emailed customer services twice since then asking about the situation and how to get my refund for shipping and NO one has responded to either of the emails sent. It’s a bit frustrating to think this is suppose to be a christian company doing good things with their business. I feel this is a integrity issue that is disappointing at the least and plain deceitful with wrong advertising at most. More of the principle behind it. But it does make me question whether or not I’ll order again. Buyer beware, Just be prepared to get little or no CS support if needed after you place your order.

Kevin McLemore
Awesome Coffee

The Southern Pecan coffee reminds me of the pecans in my grandparents’ years when I was a child. Awesome Coffee.


Nice large bags that are fairly soft and flexible to the touch. A good value.