Do good

Great coffee, healthy communities

Where the bean begins

It’s not just a transaction. You're part of a community that invests in coffee farming villages to provide living wages, education, healthcare, and clean water, while celebrating the craft of specialty coffee.

the do good initiative

Our Mission

We work to foster an environment that welcomes everyone regardless of religion, coffee education, cat or dog preference, or Netflix favorite. Through humility and continual learning, we invite you into the specialty coffee experience.

Coffee Excellence

We honor the coffee farmer by perfecting the fruit of their labor in every step of the process.

Quality is not an accident

top 5%

Specialty coffee makes up only 10% of the industry, and our coffee is consistently placed above that in the top 5%.

Keeping things fresh

Roasted to order

When you order a bag of coffee, it’s roasted the next day and arrives at your door soon after—promising freshness and quality.

Protectors of goodness

Barista Training

By training our baristas to honor our coffee, we create a foundation of respect and excellence.

Our Brew Guides

Making coffee at home? This is a good place to start.

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