Rwandan Handwoven Flat Mat

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Handmade in Ruli by women who grow your coffee.

These spectacular designs are straight from the heart of Rwanda, representing a unified community and often used to present a gift. Handwoven from smooth raffia palm wrapped around native grasses and reeds, these colorful roundels are the perfect addition to your wall or dining table. 

  • You will receive the exact mat that matches the ID# chosen.
  • This cheerful, coil-woven platter is flat, so it is perfect as a centerpiece or wall decor.
  • The coils are native grasses carefully wrapped in smooth raffia palm.
  • The basket has a loop on the back, making it easy to hang on a wall.
  • Select "Vary" to receive a favorite of our choice. Colors will vary slightly from photo shown.

Approximately 16" Across x .25" Tall

More beautiful colors and designs to be added periodically. 


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