The Sheep Project – New Babies!

May 05, 2022


Sep 9, 2016

The Sheep Project – New Babies!

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August came to a joyful close with the birth of four new lambs at the Sheep Farm in Kiryamo. All mothers and babies were reported healthy, and were carefully tended to by shepherds from the community.


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The Sheep Farm is a doorway to new skills and increased income, and as the flock grows, so do opportunities for individuals and families in Kiryamo. These lambs means hope.


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Meet Emmanuel



Meet Emmanuel.

He and wife, Donatira, received coffee trees as a wedding gift from Emmanuel’s father. They have been farming ever since, and today cultivate 450 coffee trees. Coffee farming has allowed them to invest in their home, making improvements and repairs with each coffee season.





Emmanuel and Donatira have five children, and they are here pictured with one of their sons. Emmanuel says that his children are the pride of his life.


Coffee is changing the life of this family for the better. Thank you for being a part of that.

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