Re-Use + Recycle: The Home

May 05, 2022

Posted: Nov 11, 2015

Re-Use + Recycle: The Home

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Coffee already makes your home better, right? The smell, the ritual, the positive effects of a caffeinated you? But wait! there’s more. Coffee has several properties that make it well suited to fill a variety of roles around the home – safely, biodegradable, and freely available. Let’s get right to it!



Coffee, like baking soda, naturally draws and seals in odors. This can be useful anywhere you notice a smell you’re not into – in the fridge, the garage, near trash cans, and so on. Leave a small portion of grinds in the affected area, then throw out and replace every two weeks (or as needed). Another option – toss your grounds into the garbage disposal for a quick clean method!




Coffee grounds are tough enough to scrub with, but won’t scratch what you’re cleaning. Most commonly used on pots and pans, coffee grinds used alone or mixed with a little detergent is a useful cleaning combination. The odor absorption is a bonus here as well, especially if we’re talking some of the more gnarly messes!

In the same vein, blend grounds into homemade soap for some scent and exfoliation! If we’re in the same boat and you’re also a soap-making newbie, this beginner-level tutorial makes the whole process easy and appealing. (Homemade Coffee Soap gifts, anyone?)




Coffee stains, you guys. Sometimes maybe that’s a good thing! Re-wet used grounds and allow the mixture to darken, then use on paper, cloth, Easter eggs – whatever you’d like. This is a totally harmless and only semi-permanent dye, so experiment freely! Coffee will yield some beautiful browns that are gentle enough for children to make and use without fear of everything being stained forever.


Note: Unless you’re making a quick turnaround and using the grounds immediately, allow them to dry completely before storing in an air-tight container. Or – spread evenly on a cookie sheet and pop it in the oven after baking – the residual heat will dry grounds out perfectly!

Do you have any tried-and-true uses for coffee grounds? Share your experience with the versatility of this daily good!