Nitro Cold Brew

May 05, 2022


Jul 20, 2016

Nitro Cold Brew

What is Nitro Cold Brew



You’ve heard of cold brew – the intense, slow-steeped coffee concentrate that provides a rich way to enjoy coffee over ice. Over the past two years, this summer beverage has undergone an intriguing transformation that has opened the door to a whole new world of coffee enjoyment. We’re talking about nitro cold brew.


Nitro cold brew is traditionally-prepared cold brew with a twist: infused with nitrogen and served through a tap, the typically clear, dark drink is transformed into a creamy-rich treat that sidesteps any need for cream or sugar. While carbonation adds a bitter tang, nitrogen has little flavor impact, mostly changing the feel of the drink, making it smoother, silkier; more velvety.






Nitro also delivers a healthy kick of caffeine. Cold brew alone packs a wallop with almost two-and-a-half times the amount of caffeine found in an equivalent cup of coffee, and some suspect that the nitrogen speeds up absorption into the bloodstream for an even more aggressive spike. If you’re sensitive, this may be one to sip carefully.


Typically served in a clear glass to highlight the visual appeal, nitro cold brew can be served with or without ice. We prefer without – it leaves the foamy head intact.



Nitro Cold Brew



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