Coffee House Vocab Pt. II – a guide to more words you’ve always wondered about

May 05, 2022


Aug 31, 2016

Coffee House Vocab Pt. II – a guide to more words you’ve always wondered about

Coffee House Vocab II

Coffee is adventurous by nature, perfectly suited to be experienced in a hundred different ways. With such versatility, there’s guaranteed to be something for everyone! Here are more of the drink you may never have heard of – but which may be exactly what you’re looking for.


Long Black – A shot of espresso poured over hot water, distinct from the Americano as it uses a higher ratio of espresso to water. A long black is typically around 8oz.

Perfect for: People who love espresso, don’t like milk, and find Americanos too watered-down.


Flat White – Australia’s cappuccino. Two shots of espresso combined with velvety smooth milk, in a cappuccino ratio (1oz of espresso to 3oz of milk) without the thick layer of foam on top.

Perfect for: those who love the strength of a cappuccino, but want the texture to be smoother than kittens.


Cafe Au Lait – brewed coffee mixed with steamed milk, typically at a 1:1 ratio.

Perfect for: people who prefer a creamier drink, but find a latte too heavy or rich.


Undertow – typically served in a three or four-ounce cup, the undertow is made of three distinct parts – a layer of flavoring (usually vanilla), a layer of cold milk, and a layer of espresso. The cup is tilted to allow the espresso to flow down the side and sit on top of the milk, keeping all three layers intact until you down the drink all at once. The syrup hits first with a dose of sweet, quickly followed by cool milk, and finished with the heat and pleasant bitterness of the espresso.

Perfect for: People who seek out novelty, and deliciously odd experiences.

If you were coffee, what would you be? We challenge you to try one (just kidding, all) of these drinks this week!