We understand the passion and hard work that is carried out by the coffee farmers in Rwanda, and the meticulous focus on excellence that is employed during the various coffee processing stages, before it ever reaches our roaster's hands. Their work inspires our work, and it all centers around providing coffee drinkers with an excellent cup of coffee. Once the coffee arrives at our roastery here in Roswell, GA, we see it as our highest responsibility to honor this hard work.

This is why we roast everything to order. This is why our coffee excellence team constantly tastes, evaluates, tweaks, and refines the roast profiles of our coffees. This is why our roastmaster maintains a continual dialogue with our agronomist on ways to further increase the quality of the coffee. This is why our relationship managers care so much about the service and care they provide to our customers. When you purchase coffee from Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Co., you can know that you are receiving 100% Arabica specialty-grade coffee that was grown, processed, and freshly roasted, all with a shared commitment for excellence.