Truth About Water

The bitter reality is that almost one billion people in the world live without access to clean , safe water. According to the World Health Organization, diseases from unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation kill more people every year than all forms of violence including war.

Your Impact

When you purchase one tumbler you provide clean drinking water for one person for an entire year. It's simple. You love drinks that require quality, temperature controlled features. MiiR offers this to you in a way that impacts the lives of men, women, and children across the globe. Help us improve the quality of life for those around the world while reducing the 24 billion single use cups that go to landfills every year.

About MiiR

When founder Bryan Pape started MiiR he wanted to give one person clean water for an entire year for every MiiR bottle sold. From his time in Liberia Africa, Bryan saw those being transformed by clean water and wanted to share that experience with MiiR customers. This year they are doing just that. Every MiiR bottle has an impact bracelet included inside that has an engraved identification number. Enter this identification number into the tracking system online (, and you will be able to see what project you helped fund; complete with interactive maps, photos, and testimonials from the water project site.

Ethical Manufacturing

MiiR works with a family owned factory in China because they have been working with stainless steel for many years and can ensure quality handcrafted products that meet acceptable standards for quality, safety, fair labor, ethical business practices and environmental responsibility. They maintain a close relationship with partners in China to ensure that all of the above standards are upheld. Their factories have passed SA8000 social audit tests, ISO 2001 & environmental standards of ISO 140000.