Land of a Thousand Hills is proud to contribute to justice, reconciliation and hope in coffee farming communities throughout the world through Collaborative Trade.

Our Collaborative Trade philosophy champions the direct needs of our partner villages, building upon their talent and passion, and equipping them to be better coffee growers. We partner directly with small-scale farmers in Rwanda to guarantee better wages for better coffee for a better future. Your daily choice of quality coffee brings life-changing work to communities in Rwanda. When you buy Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee, you help families provide for themselves with living wages, you build homes for orphans, give care to widows, and most importantly, give hope to entire coffee growing communities. Drink Coffee. Do Good.®

It's estimated that nearly 80% of the coffee consumed in North America was purchased from farmers at exploitative prices. The majority of these coffees are seen as nothing more than a cheap commodity where quality is not a factor and big business trumps the value of human life.

Land of a Thousand Hills partners directly with small-scale coffee farmers in Rwanda to provide better wages, for better coffee, for a better future. Every coffee tells a story. Make yours one of hope and redemption. Do coffee better.

The end provider plays a vital role in what Collaborative Trade is all about. You are the final touch point between a coffee drinker and the farmer. Join us in being a part of their story.

Whether in your cafe, church, or business, you can provide a better cup of coffee that is bringing life-changing work to communities in Rwanda. We offer a variety of purchasing options for any size organization. We would love to connect your with one of our relationship managers to learn more about how you can join the Drink Coffee. Do Good. story!

The Do Good Initiative operates in partnership with Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Co. to allow our friends, partners, and fellow coffee lovers to donate to special projects in our farming communities.

Each project is governed by the needs communicated by community leaders and local churches. Our goal is to address poverty with a holistic solution, seeking to meet social, economic, and spiritual needs of the people in the most sustainable way possible. Your donation helps us to bring these projects to fruition.