Ruli Mountain

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Ruli Mountain

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We apologize, Ruli Mountain coffee is currently out of stock. Our first shipment of 2015 crop should be arriving this Fall. We can't wait! In the meantime, if you are looking for a medium roast Rwandan coffee, we have some excellent coffee from the Ingoboka Cooperative in the Lake Kivu region of Rwanda, currently offered as our Muraho Morning.

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Location: Ruli, Rwanda
Elevation: 7100ft.
Varietal: Bourbon Mayaguez

Cupping Notes: Light and sweet. Floral with notes of cherry, chocolate, and roasted almond.

Located in the Gakenke District of northern Rwanda, Ruli Mountain is an area of high elevations, volcanic ash, and some of the best coffee in the world. Coffee produced here is grown by small scale coffee farmers with an average of 165 coffee trees.

100% Arabica with predominately bourbon varietals, this coffee placed twice in the 2011 Rwanda Cup of Excellence. Lot No 18 represented by J. Baptiste Ubunitegeka placed 13th with a score of 86.09 and Lot No 14 represented by Emmanuel Uwiringimana places as No. 32 with a score of 84.97.