Weariness and Resolutions

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What do you need?


In this post-celebration season, it’s easy to fall back on busyness to keep us occupied. But without the hustle and bustle of parties and shopping and traditions, our busyness is often self-generated without us realizing it.


Did you make a list of resolutions? I certainly did. And some of them are healthy: I need to choose my food with more intention, fit cleaning into a daily routine instead of sporadically spritzing everything every two weeks, uh, commit to a daily routine. But some of them are distractions.


Some of my resolutions are about keeping myself preoccupied.


What are you running to? What are you running from?
In this weird non-season where the days are dreary and we have nothing better than Valentine’s Day to look forward to, be real with yourself. Cling to what’s important, and don’t be afraid to drop a resolution if something more important presents itself.