Water Matters: Sam at Bwenda

Two car tires. Five bowling balls. A bulldog. Two toddlers. A 5 gallon jerry can of water.

water jug


What do all of these have in common? They all weigh approximately 50 lbs.


Last month I had the amazing privilege to visit Rwanda with some coworkers here at Land of a Thousand Hills. Driving down the winding, bumpy roads of the villages I saw woman after woman carrying loads of vegetables, tools, materials, water and more on their heads. They made it look SO easy, flawless and unwavering as they strolled down the street towards their homes and markets.




50lbs, every day, back and forth, rain or shine.


Those Rwandan women may have made that work look effortless, but as I bent down to place the jerry can of water on my head and felt the full weight of those 50 pounds, I was able to feel only a fraction of the weight they feel in providing for their households.


My heart broke as an elderly woman told me she goes without eating some days because she doesn’t have the energy to walk the three miles it takes to get water for cooking.


Not only are women being affected, but countless children, typically girls, take time out of their day to fetch water for their family, often taking time away from school.


water kids small


Land of a Thousand Hills started the Bwenda Water Project in November of last year to start raising money for a water catchment system at the school in Bwenda that would provide a close source of water for over 350 families in that area. Since then, we are proud to say that with the help and love of our customers we have raised $6,700 and that the water system is well underway. The tanks have been dug and built out, and the gutters are being installed and will be finished mid April! Not only is this project almost complete, but we have extended the project to include water systems in the villages of Ruli and Huro as well!


Countless families will now have better access to clean water simply because our customers chose to Drink Coffee. and Do Good.


sam water


The project doesn’t stop here. There is still work to be done and families to provide for. How can you help? Get involved. Drink Coffee. Do Good.


  • George Flores

    Hi Sam! Way to lead by example! This is George Flores at the GATE radio. We met at Collyde Summit in September. Will you be there this year? Let’s talk about getting A Thousand Hills Coffee into GATE listeners’ coffee pots soon, okay?