The Evergreen Water Project

Several months ago we heard from the farmers of Bwenda that accessible water was their number one need. Women – and often girls –  were spending up to three hours a day making an exhausting trek from the lofty hillsides of Bwenda to an unfiltered pipe at the bottom of the valley, and back again. Sometimes the cost of water was so great that it simply wasn’t worth it. One widow told us that the energy she used to get water would be more than she would get from the food it would allow her to prepare, and there were days where she instead chose not to eat.


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Construction begins on catchment #1!


While the reality was serious and heartbreaking, today everything is different. After hearing of Bwenda’s need, coffee drinkers poured out support, providing more than enough for not one, but two water catchment systems to be constructed in the heart of the village – one for general use, and one exclusively for the village school. Last time we did an update, Sam shared her story about what it was like seeing the water project in progress. More recently, a second team from our headquarters in Roswell, Georgia, got to participate in the opening ceremony. David, our brilliant roaster, was given the honor of pumping the first clean water from the tank.




Fresh water!

Fresh water!


Giving over the keys.

Giving over the keys.


Bwenda is not the only community to suffer from the same need, and what started as a project has become a movement. Through donations from you, we will continue to provide clean, safe water for the villages around our Ruli Mountain washing station, beginning with Ruli itself. 


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