Serving Ruli Mountain Coffee at Ruli

Ruli Mountain.


It’s the name of our signature roast: apricot sweetness, cinnamon notes, tea-like body. Like an African breeze in a cup.

It’s the location of our primary coffee washing station, where cherries from several surrounding communities are bought and processed under the watchful eyes of Manu and Glorious.

It’s a community of farmers and craftsmen, for whom coffee means life.


At the beginning of February, I had the incredible privilege of traveling to Rwanda with a few members of our team here at Land of a Thousand Hills. As a barista at our Roswell location for the last two years, and the Creative Director in more recent months, it was a dream come true.


Ruli Tree

So surreal to see the actual trees. Touching them at their source was a sacred encounter.


Many farmers in developing countries never get to drink the coffee they grow. The best beans are exported and roasted out-of-country, and sold to a Western consumer base. We wanted to honor our farmers by serving them coffee, and better yet – their own coffee. 









That moment – that point of connection over a fresh mug – superseded all cultural and language barriers. It was utterly, shockingly familiar. It didn’t matter that our life experiences were totally different, that we didn’t speak a common tongue, that we lived on opposite sides of the globe. We shared coffee, and coffee was enough.


The reactions were varied.




But overall, resoundingly positive.

To grab a bag for yourself and experience the same beans as our farmers, click here!