“Land of a Thousand Hills” only has 878 hills, new study finds

The tiny East-African country of Rwanda has long carried the nickname “Land of a Thousand Hills” as a testament to its high altitude and mountainous terrain. “It’s literally never flat,” commented Jason Warburton, journalist. “I always feel like I’m standing at an angle. It’s easy to see where this name came from.”


However, recent satellite technology has allowed more accurate mapping of Rwanda’s extreme terrain, and the results have led to a startling discovery. “There’s only 878 hills,” said Katie Carlyle, the Google Earth enthusiast who first aired these findings.


Carlyle now worries that this is the high she won't be able to come down from.

Carlyle now worries that this is the high she won’t be able to come down from.


Carlyle’s claims have recently been confirmed by the American Association of Geographers (AAG), who explained that previous estimates had been based largely on anecdotal evidence, and that they suspected that especially large boulders may have been erroneously included.


It's also now possible to determine who's grass is greener.

It’s also now possible to determine whose grass is greener.


This new evidence will also affect us here in Roswell, GA.

Not only do we seek to be transparent with our practices, but we highly value communicating factually. With that in mind, this recent discovery has prompted us to change our name to reflect true Rwandan geography. 

Our journey has always been about seeking ways to improve, so we hope you’ll join us in celebrating the birth of “The Land of Hundreds of Hills Coffee Company”!


We’re so excited about the opportunities here for new shirts, rebranded bags and fresh acronyms! We hope that you are too, and will continue to change lives through delicious coffee from Land of Hundreds of Hills.

Happy Sipping!

  • Dan Bennett

    And 877 valleys, presumably. :)

    • Zoë Martin

      Hey Dan! :)

      You’re absolutely right. We’re currently group-testing “Land of Almost Equivalent Numbers of Hills and Valleys,” “Land of Valleys Too” and “Geography Land” as we deliberate on what this flood of new information means for us as a company.

      Thanks for playing along 😉

  • Quigg Lawrence

    He He. Ii was like, “What? That Google girl better leave her friggin’ Google screen and go to Rwanda because I would guess it is the Land of 30,000 hills. Then today (April 14th) I noticed the post date. GOOD ONE!