Happy Mother’s Day, Claudine

Just over a year ago, we celebrated the arrival of baby Sylvia, daughter of Claudine. Claudine and her brother Eric have long been a part of the Thousand Hills family, and more of the stories about them can be found here and here.

Claudine is raising her young brother and new daughter alone, but has risen to the challenge with incredible grace. To her, and to mothers everywhere, we wish a Happy Mother’s Day!


Pure sweetness.

Pure sweetness.


From Nimie:

“Sylvia” means someone who is spiritually intense, with a lot of charm, and who brings love and joy to their surroundings. And believe me I can’t argue on that because if there is a definition of cuteness I will just say baby Sylvia.



Look at that glow of pride!


During our Christmas celebration she was learning on how to crawl and how to say “mama”. As now she is one year old, her age will no longer be measured in days, weeks or even months. We are so blessed to have her as a part of our family.

Claudine is a young single mother of 23 years old. In my previous stories, I have emphasized how brave and strong she is. When both her parents died, she was left with her two siblings; Eric and Uwimanimpaye. Uwimanimpaye left to come and work in Kigali while Claudine stayed and managed to bring a small house up on her own so that she can take care of her brother Eric. Both Claudine and Eric are HIV Positive.





In the meantime Land of A Thousand Hills Coffee Company went to visit them and we saw that their house was not safe, or well maintained for their health. We maintained it and even bought them the house materials needed.

After Claudine gave birth, she continued to take care of Eric plus the baby Sylvia with the help of Land of A Thousand Hills Coffee Company.

She is now planning on buying two goats for fertilizers for their farm, and for nutrition for her family.

One day I went to visit them and I asked her what are her future goals; she told me that now her priorities are to take care of her baby and her brother and that she will do anything to protect them.






Eric is in the 5th grade of primary. Sometimes he gets sick, but I haven’t seen a happy soul and a brave young man like him.

He loves Sylvia so much, and when Claudine is not around and he takes care of her. I would say Eric is a very happy and proud uncle.


May God protect their family and keep them safe.




We can’t. This little face!